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5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Positive: Professionalism
Greg worked very hard to sell our house and he did it in 3 days. Even after the sale, during escrow, he continued his commitment by completing some of the contingencies required by the buyer. These were items that I could not finish by myself due to time constraints. He wanted the close to happen on time and he pitched in to ensure the closing went smoothly. He referred me to an independent contractor and the three of us worked diligently to meet the closing date. Greg is very professional and knows the business. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home.

- Patricia Green

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Kippi Leonard and Greg Leonard – Husband and Wife Team
Rancho Mirage, CA

Wow! Kippi and Greg made selling a house such a breeze! My husband and I were new to selling. We wanted agents, who would get us the best selling price possible. Kippi was the design expert and Greg was sales expert. Both made us feel comfortable and helped us every step of the way!
Kippi explained in detail what renovations needed to be done. She was honest and forthright. She wanted to make sure the renovations would be cost effective for us. She wanted the renovations to be the best choices to highly impact the selling price. Kippi and I were on the same page from day one on how to improve the house to appeal to current buyers.

Greg explained current comps and what the comps would be after renovations. He explained the ins and outs of selling in a country club. Greg provider info for the best contractors to help with renovations. He was first point of contact with contractors. He arranged the appointments with them. He always stop by to double check things were going correctly with all renovations weather it was contractors doing it or us. He also let contractors in when we were unable to.

Kippi provided staging companies for us to choose. She was first point of contact with stagers. She was present for staging first visit and made sure stagers completed the job as we required. She was there from being to end of staging process. She also was every step of the way with fixture choice we would buy, paint color, and garden design.
Greg took care of any issues that occurred with any contractor. Both of them helped us clear out or clean any last items from trash, garden, touch up paint, and dusting.

Kippi is a professional artist that creates beautiful abstract art pieces. She was so kind to oblige us and use some of her pieces as décor to add a beautiful modern touch to the staging.

Both Kippi and Greg were professional, thorough, experienced and helpful agents. Both were was always available to answer any questions. We highly recommend them. They care about their clients and frequently updated with what’s going on in the market, open houses, buyer interest, buyer feedback, and buyer offers. We recommend Kippi and Greg Leonard to anyone looking to do any Real Estate transaction. Kippi and Greg was an absolute pleasure to do business with. We thank you both!

- Craig & Tonilynn Miano

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Greg was a pleasure to work with. Our condo was not easy to sell due to it being part of a co-op, but Greg worked with other showing agents to inform them of the benefits of co-op living. He was present at every showing to answer any questions that came up, and provided feedback to us in a timely manner. The closing of our sale was easy and handled very professionally. We would highly recommend him as an excellent real estate agent for anyone looking to buy or sell in the Coachella valley.
Doug & Diana McDougall

- Doug & Diana McDougall

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Greg is an amazing person and we could not have asked for a more hard working Realtor. We met at a property we were both looking at and we established a bond.
Greg stayed with us for over six months, looking at houses all over the Coachella Valley. We narrowly missed on several houses that were ‘bid’ out of site and we would get a bit ‘down’, Greg would always say the same thing. “The right Home for the right price is out there waiting, we will find it!” And we did!
The effort, diligence and ‘sense of urgency’ that Greg Leonard applied were appreciated. Greg used his expertise to navigate a very tricky situation that could have easily gone someone else’s direction .
I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for honest, hard working representation. He made the difference for our Family!

- James Wallace

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Greg was awesome from day one i always felt that he was working for me and i have bought several homes and that is not always the case, he was professional, and communication was on point. not to mention i got a deal of a lifetime on my new home.

- Paul McKenna

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

I was introduced to Greg Leonard back in February of this year, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! Between him and his awesome wife, Kippi, they make a fantastic team. They deliver what they say. My house sold within the 30 to 60 days (even with COVID-19) as they said it would. He is very thorough throughout the process and will walk that extra mile with you to make sure you’re well and making sure things are getting done. He made sure you knew that he worked for you, and not the other way around. Grateful for both Greg and Kippi, and I definitely recommend them if you’re ready to put your house on the market.

- Jessica Westlake

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

As an airline pilot for over 35 years, I fully understand and appreciate the Customer Service based industries! Greg represents his customer service driven profession very well!

My wife and I had a limited time to shop for our home and a set list of what we required in the property. Greg had a full day set with exactly the homes we needed to see! We made our selection, and it has been top service from then on! We were able to bid and close on our home within 30 days.

As our primary home is almost 1500 miles away, Greg was on the phone with me almost daily. Until the final closing, all documents needed were able to be signed electronically!

Almost 6 months after the sale, I had an Escrow issue with the Home Owners Association, and Greg not only responded to my call, he had the answer by 3:30 that afternoon! My issue was resolved the same day! I know fully that Greg will represent you completely and attentively in your home ownership issues as a buyer or seller!

- LaMar Haugaard

5 STAR Google Review – My Clients Say It BEST!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

- Kay Brownwood

GOOGLE Reviews – My Clients Say It BEST!

We never really believed in so-called real estate experts until we were introduced to Greg. Like magicians, he made all of our Palm Springs real estate dreams come true. Aside from being professional and experienced, Greg proved to be very patient, creative, and persistent. He always professionally accommodated our requests and questions.THANK YOU Greg for working your MAGIC!

- Smith Family