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4 Key Factors For Home Sellers

4 Factors That Cause a Home to Sell or Not Sell

4 Factors That Cause a Home to Sell or Not Sell

1. Terms
2. Condition
3. Marketing
4. Price

If your terms as a seller are not seen as reasonable or appealing to a potential buyer,
it can severely impact your ability to sell your property.
This can include contingencies that a seller chooses to insist upon.

Curb appeal and property condition are two of the most critical elements of a property sale, because Buyers will make judgments about what they cannot see, by what they can see.
Therefore, the difference is always in the details.

How a property is presented and marketed is key!
For instance, a poorly represented and marketed property will cost the seller
a lot of money and very well may cause the property to not sell.

In any market condition, whether a sellers or buyers market, a property will sell
if priced correctly. There are many factors and lots of data available to assist
sellers determine the best approach and method to price their property.

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